Website Update

Our website was hacked last winter and we have never quite recovered from it and see many residual issues. As a result we have decided to shutdown the site and begin work on a new site for the 2018 season.

About Us

Edmonton Blue Crew umpires provide top-notch officiating for softball in and around the City of Edmonton. We are sure you have seen us around. We are those courteous men and women in blue, crouching behind a catcher calling balls and strikes. We exist for the sole purpose of ensuring safe, respectful and fair play of softball; to be an arbiter of the game. We aspire to learn, understand and apply the rules of the game in an impartial fashion. Whether a one season newbie or a 30 year veteran, our Blue Crew Umpires have discovered there is always something new to learn from game to game. Knowing the rules is an absolute necessity in officiating and yearly certification must be attained prior to the start of each season. Good umpires know the rules, but exceptional umpires do so much more. In addition to rule knowledge we are trained to use preventive officiating techniques, good communication skills, mental preparedness and WBSC approved umpire "mechanics". You may not always agree with some of our close calls, but as ambassadors of Softball Canada through Softball Alberta we strive to ensure confident, composed, consistent and above all, fair officiating. It's what we do. It's what you can expect. If you have an interest in becoming a member of the Blue Crew, please register for our yearly clinic in April.

Contact Us

If you need any information about joining or require umpires please contact Julie-Ann Dron | julie [at] thebluecrew [dot] ca